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The Interlocal Solid Waste Authority was established in 1991 after the Solid Waste Authority Act of 1991 and is comprised of Franklin, Bedford, Lincoln and Moore Counties and the City of Tullahoma as members, as well as cities within these counties who have adopted resolutions to participate in the transportation and disposal of solid waste and in its education program.
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Notice of Public Hybrid Meeting November 18, 2020 and December 09, 2020


November 18, 2020

December 09, 2020

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Tenn. Code. Ann. § 8-44-101 et seq. that the November and December meetings of the Interlocal Solid Waste Authority (“ISWA”) Board of Directors to conduct the ISWA’s essential business during the pandemic will be conducted as a hybrid meeting to allow ISWA Board Members and the public to meet in person, as originally contemplated, and also to allow ISWA Board Members and the public to attend electronically, pursuant to Governor Lee’s Executive Order Executive Order No. 65 issued October 28, 2020 which extends prior Executive Order Nos. 16, 34, 51 and 60. The ISWA meetings are scheduled to be held on Wednesday, November 18, 2020, at 6:00 p.m., CST and on Wednesday, December 09, 2020 at 6:00 p.m., CST for purposes consistent with the provisions of applicable Executive Orders. The ISWA Board invites the public to join, in person, the meeting as it is being held at the Fayetteville Municipal Auditorium, 110 Elk Ave. South, Fayetteville, TN 37334 or to join electronically by internet at ( or to access audio only by calling (1+312.626.6799 Central Time Zone) or (1+929.205.6099 Eastern Time Zone). For additional information concerning each meeting’s agenda or the conduct of such meeting, please periodically check the ISWA internet website ( or contact David C. Higney, Legal Counsel for the ISWA, 633 Chestnut Street, Suite 900, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37450.

    To provide efficient and cost effective disposal of solid waste and to educate the citizens within the region on waste reduction and recycling practices.

    ISWA holds the contract for waste disposal within the region. We also have a contract for the mulching of yard waste that members can utilize. The region also provides an education program for the schools and the general public on waste reduction and recycling.

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    Request for Proposal

Carol Fulmer

Carol Fulmer
Carol is the Regional Administrator of Education, Recycling & Waste Reduction and is available for presentations to organizations and groups, as well as for workshops, education booths, classroom programs, and for help organizing and setting up school and business recycling programs, drives and teacher in-service training.
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